Aunt Kates Pampered Pooches

Aunt Kate's welcomes a few small to mid sized dogs with pleasant dispositions into its home as honored guests while their owners are away. Visitors are welcome for periods of time ranging from one day, while their owners shop or celebrate a special occasion, to as long as several weeks while their owners take a nice long guilt free vacation.

If the thought of leaving your best friend, who is used to sleeping in luxury and eating a special diet, in a cement floored, iron-barred enclosure makes you cringe in horror, then you should consider having them stay with Aunt Kate's. Here they will sleep in comfort and even luxury, in a warm, clean bed and get tucked in at night with love, not the clang of a shutting cage door. Sometimes, if they choose, our visitors even sleep on Aunt Kate's or Peter's beds sharing them with their hosts Rocky, Lola and Chester. Every visitor is fed their own diet even if it means cooking especially for them.

Our visitors' safety is important to us at Aunt Kate's. Our front door is approached by a gate into the fenced front yard. The back yard and doggie play area is surrounded by high stone terraces and six foot fences. The fences are wrapped with plastic mesh which extends on the ground about 12" in from the base of the fence to discourage digging.

While our visitors are here they make friends, have doggie conversations, cuddle up together to nap and have the opportunity to play together in a pleasant and happy manner. They play tug-of-war, keep-away, and throw balls for each other. It is a great pleasure to be able to watch the doggies at play.

Check out our videos to see what we mean.

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You can reach us to set up an initial interview by calling Kate at 425-308-7865.

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